Sample Order Letters

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Order Letters

Order letters are letters written by potential buyers to sellers requesting them to deliver goods or by sellers to potential buyers to assign goods. An order letter is usually written after a buyer has gathered all the necessary information about the desired goods including the price, quality, and terms of sale. In the modern times, companies supply printed purchase order forms to potential buyers to make the process of placing orders easier. These forms usually outline the merchandise details such as the price, quantity, mode of payment, address of the location where the merchandise should be delivered, requested delivery date, etc. In the absence of printed purchase order forms, order letters are written.

Order letters are formal and should reflect all the aspects of the placed order. Make it known to the recipient that this is an order letter. Provide the necessary details such as the products description, quantities, and agreed price. Include the delivery date as well as late delivery clauses. Make sure to pen down the terms and conditions of the purchase. Maintain a professional tone. Close on a positive note and address the letter to the person responsible for carrying out the order execution.

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