Sample Credit Letters

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Credit Letters

Credit letters are a written commitment by a third party, issued to guarantee payment of goods and services only, when the seller provides the acceptable documentation. Credit letters are usually issued by financial institutions such as banks. However, in some cases, mutual funds and insurance companies may issue these letters under certain circumstances. Credit letters are used to guarantee that the buyers' payments to the sellers will be received for the correct amount and on time. If something comes up and the buyer is unable to pay the seller, the financial institution that issued the letter pays the seller.

Credit letters are usually instructions, so you only need to include basic details. Include details of the seller, the buyer, the receiving bank as well as the amount of money to be transferred. Since this is a formal letter, the tone must be professional. For added security, include a list of terms and conditions, which all parties agree on. Where appropriate and if necessary, mention any requirements from the seller. Let all parties know that the amount can be drawn any time from the day the letter is written to the time it expires.

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