Letter to request a correction of a statement credit error


  1. In today's business world, a good credit rating is crucial. If there is an error in a credit report, you should address it as soon as possible. Make sure that the credit bureau corrects the error immediately. Ask them to send the edited statements to everyone they sent the wrong reports.
  2. Explain the mistake by presenting the evidence.
  3. Request the bureau to fix the error.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Attached is a copy of my credit card statement for the last month. I would like to inform you that the charge for a plane ticket to Melbourne is incorrect. I have never traveled to Australia. In fact. I have not been able to go out of my city for the past two months. Could you please make an investigation and correct my records as soon as possible? I would not like this mistake to affect my credit rating negatively. Thank you for your help.


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