Letter to request a correction of a credit report error


  1. In today's business world, a good credit rating is crucial. If there is an error in a credit report, you should address it as soon as possible. Make sure that the credit bureau corrects the error immediately. Ask them to send the edited statements to everyone they sent the wrong reports.
  2. Explain the mistake by presenting the evidence.
  3. Request the bureau to fix the error.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

This morning, I was informed by one of your credit officers that there has been a three-month default on payments for our company's corporate card account. I checked the records and receipts in our files after the call and found this to be false. I have the acknowledgment receipts and documents that will prove that we were able to issue complete and timely payments all throughout the year. As such, I would like to request that your records be updated as soon as possible. If you need copies of the pertinent documents, please feel free to contact me at 434-3434. Thank you for your quick action on this important matter.


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