Sample letter to cancel credit account due to misplaced card


  1. Write a brief but polite letter informing about the cancellation of your account. Cancelling your account may hamper your future business dealing with the company. So be cautious about your words.
  2. State the reason for cancellation of your account.
  3. Mention an alternative plan to pay off the account.
  4. Conclude with a polite note.


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

This letter is to inform you that my credit card was lost while I was traveling in Greece. I spoke to a Service Representative on the phone yesterday. She took down my information on my last purchase date and location.

Please cancel this card immediately! I would like to be issued a new card. If this is not possible, please let me know. I use this card for business and would, of course, like it replaced as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance. Have a lovely day.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional -
cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -