Letter to potential client to accompany product catalog


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Dear [Recipients Name],

I appreciate your action of telling me that you ordered shrink-wrap from another company.

It isn't usual for a client to inform a salesperson about such matters. I truly appreciate the courtesy you've shown me.

I am hoping that Zane Shrink-wrap can meet your standards.

I have enclosed Zane's new catalog on its shrink-wrap products. Please take note that we have added more product lines, shortened our delivery time, and also created a better pricing scheme. I am hoping that these developments in our company's offering will encourage you to order from us.

We also have a new selection of colored shrink-wraps that are featured on page 12. This new line is getting popular because of its many creative applications

If you want to ask more questions on the Zane Shrink-wraps, don't hesitate to call me.

Thank you once again for granting me the chance to serve you. Hoping to do business with you shortly.


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