Resign for family or personal reasons. Sample letter


  1. To make your resignation letter compelling, you should mention your reasons related to the family. One of these reasons is the transfer of your spouse or a job offer in another city. Illness in family or birth of a child requires your presence at home. If you just want to stay with your family or children, then it's a substantial reason to mention in your resignation. Citing such reasons is appropriate. You don't have to specify reasons that are of personal or private nature such as divorce, emotional problems, criminal indictment, drug abuse, etc.
  2. State that you are resigning. State your position and give a date of entry into force.
  3. Provide some more details about your plans. Be honest while commenting on the difficulty of this decision.
  4. Appreciate the training, experience and relationships you had in this job.
  5. Ask for a letter of recommendation.
  6. Say something about the possibility of regaining this position, if your employers mentioned it.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

I am very sorry to say that I am resigning from my current position as the sales department head. I am currently going through a rough time in my personal life, and I think it has rendered me incapable of doing my job properly. I do wish to resolve some of my personal issues first which regrettably, I cannot do while being employed in your good company.

I am very thankful for the opportunities Red Inc. has given me, as well as the many experiences and friendships I have gained here. I will greatly miss working here and I would very much like the opportunity to return if circumstances allow me to.

Again, thank you for everything.


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