Sample resignation letter to take an early retirement


  1. People resign from jobs for many reasons. They want to start a business, take an early retirement to travel, benefit from financial incentives, devote time to other interests, or want to leave a job they don't like. Whatever your reason may be, you should write this letter in a positive tone. You won't gain anything by using negative expression when you are leaving.
  2. State that you are resigning. Mention your position and give a date of entry into force.
  3. Mention the reasons for leaving this job. If it seems appropriate, state the difficulty of this decision.
  4. Appreciate good times and relationships.
  5. Explain how much time you need to transfer your duties smoothly.
  6. If you wish to keep working on a limited basis, mention limited consultation.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Effective March 25, 2010, I am resigning from my position as the senior employee relations head here at Luxe Inc. My wife and I have taken several things into consideration, and we have come to the agreement that it would be best for us if I would take the early retirement opportunity this good company has so generously offered me.

All the years I have spent working for this company were truly some of the best years of my career. I will always be thankful for everything I have learned and for all the experiences I have acquired during my stay here.


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