Letter to request bids for a web page setup and maintenance


  1. If the expected contract is quite small, explain the requirements on the contents of the letter. If you want the contract to be comprehensive, include a cover letter together with the complete list of requirements. There are times when requests or bids or estimates are called as "Requests for proposals" and "Requests for Quotations." Setting aside the size of your expected contract, explain in details all things that will be included in your total cost; everything including materials, specifications, quantities, types, colors and model numbers. This is to be sure that no details will be overlooked, use a possible contract as your guide in writing the letter.

    In order not to make misunderstanding, ensure that all agreements are written, If a bid is made through a phone call, secure a written confirmation as soon as possible.
  2. Refrain from the contract to submit a bid or estimate.
  3. Describe clearly and entirely the bid or estimate's specifications. The more detailed you write your request, the accessible it is to compare to other offers.
  4. Explain certainly the deadline for submitting the bid or estimate, and the deadline for the delivery of the finished product or work. In the end, explain in details how the bid should be aggregated


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Zoe Corporation is presently looking for bids on the setup and maintenance of a web page for the purpose of showcasing the corporation's new software products. The proposals should consist of a test page that shows the company logo, the descriptions of four sample products shown on the enclosed pages, suggested icons for each of the products, and trial "hot buttons" showing additional information, downloading software samplers, as well as ordering each product. Kindly see the enclosed specifications for more details on our requirements.

Zoe Corporation is looking forward to obtaining your bid by Wednesday, February 28. By May 1, the website must be all set for testing, and it should be completely operational by June 1. We will be eagerly waiting for your response.


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