Letter asking for donations


  1. Grab the reader's attention by giving a statement related to your cause.
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  3. Let the recipient know what happens when they contribute.
  4. Thank the sponsor in advance.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

We would like for all the stray dogs in our area to have a safe home. As a dog lover yourself, we know that you want to extend help, too.

While the Care for Paws shelter has been efficient in their programs, we still a few hundred dogs left abandoned on the streets. It is our goal not only to make sure they find loving homes but also put an end to irresponsible breeding. We can achieve this through seminars and routine neighborhood visits by animal rescuers.

All of this would be possible with help from all the volunteers and the donations extended to us.

Your financial support would go a long way in funding the animal rescuers, who will make sure puppy mills will be shut down.

Thank you for your continued support for Care for Paws.


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