Sample farewell letter to retiring co-worker


  1. This letter can address a manager, client, or co-worker who is retiring. Write with a tone that is appropriate given your relationship with the reader. While retirement is typically a cause for celebration, be mindful of whether the circumstances surrounding the retirement are positive or otherwise.
  2. Start by mentioning the reader's retirement. Congratulate them if appropriate under the circumstances.
  3. Mention the successes of your reader's career.
  4. Close by wishing your reader good luck.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Have a great time now that your retirement day is finally here. It will indeed feel strange to find that you are not working next to me after all of these years.

Colin, our working relationship has certainly been enjoyable. One of my fondest memories was during our time in Las Vegas where we had to represent our company. It was an honor to observe you as you worked. The presentations you gave, and the way you fielded those awkward questions have been the benchmark that I have used for my submissions. I only hope that I can do half as well as you.

You certainly deserve your retirement, and no-one in the company has done more work than you. I am sure that you will put the same amount of effort into whatever you do in your retirement.


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