Thank you sample letter to someone for volunteer work


  1. A short message appreciating someone's volunteerism is a straightforward and civil way to express your gratitude and inspired him or her to continue the good work.
  2. Express your gratitude as soon as possible.
  3. Compliment the reader for his or her a good job.
  4. Tell him a statement of appreciation and inspire him to continue the good work.


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[Recipients Name]
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[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

I feel I have to thank you personally for your help that you have freely given over the past few weeks. The holidays are always a busy time for us, and your support has proved to be invaluable. You have never complained about any tasks asked of you, and you should know that many of us would have been working the night just to stay on top of everything without this help. We have asked a lot from you, and we would like to thank you for all of your hard work. We would hope that you would consider helping us out on a regular basis; I can assure you it is not always like last week. Many thanks once again.


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