Follow-up sales letter to attendees of garden exhibit


  1. Make use of the exchanging of letters to elaborate the pros of your products and service, plainly endorse to your prospect customer to take the next step in your business transaction which is the negotiation of sale. Also, do not forget that the client already showed interest in your offer, so give him a strong sales tone, focus on the good side of your products or services, with exaggerating or putting too much stress on the client.
  2. Express gratefulness to the target client for his/her time and presence during the interview, presentation or exhibit.
  3. Elaborate the good points and use of your product or service offers.
  4. Advise the target client to take the next step in acquiring the product and the service.
  5. Explain other extra support.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Thank you for attending the STS Garden exhibit at the Radisson Square last weekend. STS Garden is one of the major companies who offer great landscaping services at very affordable prices. We have a variety of plants that are beautiful as well as comfortable to the garden. We also provide a variety of landscape designs and layouts for every customer's preference. In fact, the one that you were looking at was a Japanese-inspired landscape, and the plants used will thrive perfectly in our weather. Our company wants to provide our customers with a view that will reflect their personalities and with plants that do not cost much for maintenance. We believe that going green for Mother Earth should not cost much but at the same time provide beauty to our surroundings. If you are interested, please give us a call at 344-4444 and we can send a landscape artist to assess your home. We hope to be able to serve you.


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