Request a promotion or salary raise. Sample letter


  1. If you are writing a letter to get a raise or a promotion, make a humble request. Your tone should not sound like a demand. State your qualifications and then make a reasonable request. You should back up your application by writing about your performance and achievements only.
  2. Start your letter by writing why you think you are qualified to receive a raise or a promotion. Stating your achievements and good performance will add substance to your request.
  3. Request a raise, promotion or a salary and responsibility review. Your tone should be respectful.
  4. Finally, express your gratitude to the reader for considering your request.


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[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

The five years that I have been part of this company have been great ones. I feel like it is here where I was given the opportunity to learn many new things and improve on the skills that I needed to become a better and more efficient worker.

I also believe that I have performed consistently and continuously at my best in the Advertising Department where I was assigned. I helped in the creation of numerous campaigns that have proved only beneficial to the marketing strategy of the company and the goal to increase visibility and, consequently, sales. Most high-profile, perhaps, is the Christmas ad campaign that I spearheaded, which proved as the primary catalyst to the never before seen sales increase of the company. I believe that it is not only my performance in my department but also my spotless office record that serves as a testament to my loyalty, commitment, and love for this company.

It is with this, and also maybe because of this, that I would like to forward my request for a promotion and the benefits that accompany a higher position. I feel that my tenure with Golden Apple Enterprises has given me enough knowledge about the company and how it works to be an effective leader. Furthermore, I feel that I will be able to do even more with the new position that you assign me. I have many ideas that I would like to share with you regarding the future and expansion of Golden Apple Enterprises and feel that getting promoted would be a perfect avenue for me to present adequately these to everyone.

I sincerely hope that you will take the time to look into and review my request. I think that it would be best if given the opportunity to sit with you to discuss my case further. I am looking forward to hearing from you about this. Thank you very much.


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