Letter announcing 20th anniversary of a business


  1. This letter announces the company's anniversary. This announcement gives you an opportunity to advertise the success of your business. It informs the readers about your organization's history and also serves as a sales pitch. Also, read "Write a News Release."
  2. Give the news of the kind of anniversary you are celebrating. Also, give some ideas for the celebration.
  3. Provide an overview of the achievements of your company.
  4. Mention any special offers you are making on this anniversary.
  5. End on a positive note such as hope for the future or thanks for support etc.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Make sure that you come down and celebrate our 20th anniversary with us. Twenty years have passed since we first opened the doors to our store, and we have served the community from the same site every since. The building may have undergone numerous facelifts, but our products have stayed the most up to date and cheapest anywhere in town.

To celebrate, we have decided that July will be a whole month of prizes and fun. Every day there will be a free prize draw for everyone making a purchase from us. All of our customers will also receive a 15% discount on their next purchase as we wouldn't have survived for twenty years without you.


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