Invitation letter sample to join a local group of actors


  1. Write your invitation straightforwardly and genuinely. Do not use excessive flattery.
  2. Relay your invitation, explain how the reader meets the requirements for membership.
  3. Discuss the goals of the organization and how his or her qualities are compatible with that goal.
  4. If you like, discuss the important expectations of members. For example fees, participations, and time commitments.
  5. Tell the reader that you anticipate his or her acceptance and your eagerness to work with him or her.


[Senders Name]
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[Recipients Name]
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[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

To recognize the great performance you gave during the reading of Hamlet at the York Shakespeare Bonanza, I am delighted to invite you to join the York Historical Players. The Players are a group of local actors that seek to educate everyone about the wonders of the written word and history. We often visit schools to present some classical work in traditional costumes. It is an excellent way to educate everyone about the dress, speech and ways of life during historical times.

We do not charge anyone to join the Players but do ask everyone to provide their costumes to fit in the period being performed. We meet weekly to rehearse and perform, and I have enclosed a schedule of meetings for the next few months. We believe that every Player gains from their experiences with the group and I am sure that you to will recognize the benefits of being a Player.


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