Complaint letter to organization about bad product quality


  1. This letter is to show your disagreement on some directives or goals of organization or club. You could also complain about the action or performance of certain members or office. You may have to criticize a particular employee about some of his or her behavior. So it is recommended not to write such letters when you are in an angry mood. You should have a controlled tone. You could ask someone to read your letter and react to it. Make sure you do not insult anyone. But only convey the message that you were hurt by their behavior.
  2. Mention the specific situation which has caused you distress. Tell them about your expectations that have not been met.
  3. Suggest how the person or organization can change according to your expectation.
  4. State that you would be ready to help to rectify the situation. End on a positive note.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

I have been a salesperson for Coleman's now for the past twelve months. There has though been through a gradual deterioration in the quality of products that we are selling. As a result, complaints are increasing, and sales are decreasing. I feel that unless some work is done imminently on the product quality, we will be left with customers left to sell to, and the business will have to close. I am sure that this situation can be rectified with some discussions between salespeople and manufacturers.


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