Complaint letter to insurance for not covering house repair


  1. This is a letter to the insurance company when the settlement proposed is unsatisfactory. Include the necessary documents to support your claim. You could contact the relevant regulating agency if the insurance company denies your claim. Avoid insulting the insurance company in anger or frustration and deal with only facts. Any other complaints about the insurance company could be communicated in the same way.
  2. State the necessary information about the claim.
  3. Attach the documents that would support your claim.
  4. Propose a particular action to rectify the situation. Mention the steps you are ready to take to resolve the issue. But do not mention about legal measures unless you feel the other solutions are not working.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Following storm damage to our York property last month, we obtained quotes from three local builders, as well a quote from your adjuster, to find out how much it would cost to repair the damage. These quotes all came back in the region of $10,000. I was therefore shocked when I received your letter stating that you would pay $5,000 for the cost of repairs. My insurance policy, policy 63563, explicitly states that it will cover all of the cost of damages in the case of a claim.

I believe that the shortfall comes about as a result of an error on your firm's behalf. As such I have enclosed copies of all estimates as previously submitted. Upon receipt of this letter, I would ask that you send me the full settlement amount so that repairs to my property can be completed. I look forward to your urgent response.


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