Air force letter of appreciation. Sample letter


  1. Put down the Air Force's appreciation of the individual.
  2. List down the reasons for this sort of recognition to be placed.
  3. End in a positive and thankful manner.


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

You are at this moment honored by the Air Force for your contribution in the rescue operation last October 15, 1997.

Your quick wit and courage a saving factor for many people that day. Thank you.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional -
cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -