Sample letter seeking sponsorship pledges


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Dear [Recipients Name],

It is a known fact that homelessness is becoming a significant problem that increases year by year. The vast number of people who are affected by this serious plague is now exceeds 4 million in the U.S alone, and children contribute to one-fourth of that huge number. As this number of the homeless grows rapidly, scarcity of resources increases day per day. People struggle to get basic services through shelters.

I am a member of Students Help Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose aim is to help us solve this major problem. My purpose to write you this letter is to ask for your contribution as we all volunteers raise capital and collect eatables and clothes on our yearly walkathon. This major event takes place Sunday, (date). I am in hope that you will consider giving sponsorship.

Students Help Foundation involve more than hundreds of local and international students who came together and pledges for the walk. The food, money and clothes go to: ( places, causes).

By contributing us through sponsorship, you can help the people who are in need and have no place to go.

In case you agree and can help and be one of the sponsors, just fill the attached form and send a check to The Students Help Foundation

Thank you


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