Letter informing employees of their co-workers car accident


  1. This is a thoughtful way to let your other workers know about the status of a co-worker that is not present at work. Be mindful not to tell them information about his or her sickness, if he or she want to keep it a secret. Use this to ask for their cooperation and effort in the time being.
  2. Plainly tell the employees about your co-worker's sickness.
  3. Tell them other details but do not inform them things that your colleague want to keep as a secret.
  4. Request for their support and them to cover the person until she recovers.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

It is with deep sadness that I would like to inform everybody of Robert Nine's recent car accident. He is, at the moment, confined to the Intensive Care Unit of the St. Mary Memorial Hospital.

We are afraid that he will not be able to return to work for a significant amount of time. For this reason, we will be assigning a temporary Officer-in-Charge for his department. I hope that you will all cooperate with whom we choose and deem best for the position. I also encourage everyone, especially those close to Robert to extend your support to his family at this difficult time. Thank you.


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