Sample letter to decline a suggestion to put pedestrians


  1. You should give a polite response if you are rejecting the reader's suggestion. Acknowledging the customer's or employee's idea can serve as a useful public relations tool. In spite of using a positive tone, you should clearly state that you are turning down the suggestion.
  2. Offer a compliment or thank the reader for presenting a suggestion.
  3. Explain why you turned down the idea.
  4. End with a positive comment.


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

I was greatly impressed with the proposal you submitted yesterday regarding the pedestrianization of our most famous street downtown. I was especially awed by the amount of research you must have done before submitting the suggestion to me. While I agree that it would bode well for our environment and promote a cleaner and greener outlook in our city, I feel like we cannot implement your suggestion because of the criticism and objections we would receive from the businesses established on that main street. It could adversely affect the number of customers who will visit their stores.

I hope you understand my position regarding your proposal. Even if we cannot implement this suggestion of yours, I do encourage you to continue sending me your ideas in the future.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

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cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -