After meeting follow-up letter regarding community action


  1. The letter aims to remind those who went to the meeting about the decisions and assignments that were agreed before. It is a good way to keep the work going.
  2. Start the meeting with an affirmative statement.
  3. Give a short overview of the essential decisions and assignments.
  4. Tell the recipient not to forget the deadlines and the date of the next meeting.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

All the residents of the Metro sat together in a meeting last Monday to discuss the government's suggestion to change the route for the Main road that runs through our neighborhood. It is not an advantageous change for our community as it would disturb our peace and be unsafe for our children. Also, our properties will be devalued. It is a unanimous decision that we should prevent this proposal's implementation.

We would like to thank Matt Ally, who has taken the initiative to file a petition showcasing our concerns and submitting it to the City Council. We are sure that all of you will sign your name in the draft. Matt and Jenna will be presenting our case to the Council on May 1 at the 8:00 a.m. meeting. It would mean a lot if you attended the meeting. It might be our last chance to save our community.


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