Sample sales letter to prospective conference exhibitors


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Dear [Recipients Name],

This year, there will be a Family and Faith event, and you are invited!

You are encouraged to bring and exhibit all your related materials at Rainbow Association's Life Convention this coming June 1, 2011, at the Westchester Convention Center.

There will be about 1,000 participants from the different states and countries all over the world. There will be a series of talks from seasoned experts among them are Reverend Joey Miller, psychologist Dr. Jenny Smith, life coach Mr. Wentworth Adams, and many more exciting and sagacious speakers.

Reserve for your spot now as space is limited. Just fill out the enclosed form for your reservation. If you reserve before May 25, 2011, you will get an exclusive $60 discount for each table.

So do join us for this exciting and enriching event. We sincerely hope to see you there!


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