Sample Miscellaneous Letters

Find inspiration in our curated catalog of miscellaneous letters. Each sample letter comes with guidelines and advice to help you find the right words.

Miscellaneous Letters

Miscellaneous are letters that are sent in series to cover different situations related to business. Miscellaneous means "various types," and therefore, these are usually a group of letters. In most cases, miscellaneous are used to announce unpleasant news such as terminating or rejecting a business relationship, reminding people of unpaid balances, etc. The letters can also be regarding donations, job search, credit management, or even retaining professional advisors. The best example of miscellaneous is the collection letters.

When writing miscellaneous, you need to be careful not to hurt the relationship that exists between you and the recipient. Be polite even when you feel the recipient is delinquent. Be clear about all the facts and figures. If you are writing to ask for payment, for example, know the exact amount the recipient is supposed to pay. Do not overlook minor details such as making sure the recipient's name is written correctly or the date of the last payment. If you realize that the recipient has not responded to any of your previous letters, write the next letter in a more demanding way that compels him/her to respond. Always close these letters with a call to action.

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