Example letter to offer a customer management supervisor job


  1. While advertising a new vacancy in your company, avoid ambiguity and give all important details. Give a positive impression about this vacancy. Don't raise the reader's expectations too much. Most importantly, ask the applicants to provide proof of legal employment eligibility.
  2. Announce the job offer and express your pleasure in that.
  3. Explain in detail what benefits this position will provide. Also, describe what social conditions or limitations will apply to the chosen candidate.
  4. Do mention the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986. Ask your prospective employee to submit proof of legal employment eligibility on the first day of work. If you want to be more cautious about your selected candidate, name the acceptable documents which are considered necessary according to the US Department of Justice's Immigration and Naturalization Form 1-9.


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

Floyd Enterprises is happy to extend to you a chance for employment with our company. We believe that with your expertise and vast exposure in the field of customer service, you can bring highly favorable results to the enterprise.


On or before June 1, 2011, you will start employment with our company as a Customer Management Supervisor. Your direct superior will be Mr. Randy Miller, head of the Customer Management Team in the Westchester division.

COMPENSATION You will be getting a salary of $3,500 per month. Your pay will be given out on the 5th and 20th of each month. Since you are not from Westchester, we will also give you a one-time relocation allowance of $5,000.


On your first year with the company, you will undergo three performance reviews that will be done quarterly. On the twelfth month, a salary study will also be conducted. On the second and succeeding years, there will only be one performance and salary review each year.


Floyd Enterprises will also give you the opportunity to purchase shares of stocks. The stock option grant is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. They will do the voting during their board meetings. VACATION AND BENEFITS

At Floyd Enterprises, you are entitled to medical benefits and paid time off. You can read about it in detail in the handbook. On top of that, once you have completed the probationary period, you can take part in the retirement plan of the company.


Your job and corresponding entitlements at Floyd Enterprises are all "at will". They can be subject to termination without prior notice. This letter does not necessarily translate to a final employment contract in the company. If ever the company decides on your termination after three months of work, you will get what is due to you in that span of time. For other reasons of termination excluding for cause, you will be given compensation tantamount to a half-month basic pay.


This communication can be interpreted as an employment offer at Floyd enterprises. If you are agreeable to the terms, kindly affirm by signing in the space provided below. Aside from this letter, you also have to sign an Agreement of Confidentiality and an Agreement of Terms, Condition, and Policies of the company. This offer stands ten days from the date indicated on the letterhead.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional -
cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -

Example letter to offer a customer management supervisor job.

Further things to consider when writing job offer to job candidates

Further things to consider when writing job offer to job candidates

Job Offer

Job offer letters are formal letters sent from a hiring company to selected job candidates to confirm that the candidates have been offered the positions officially. A job offer letter usually comes after a candidate has successfully completed an interview. The letter confirms the employment's offer details such as the job's description, salary, allowances, work schedule, paid time off, the date the employment starts, etc. If a candidate chooses to accept the job offer, he/she signs and returns the letter as an official and formal confirmation of acceptance of the position.

Job offer letters kick off the employment relationship on a positive note. Say as much as possible about the offered position and its responsibilities. Clearly state the salary, mode of payment, and the frequency of payment. Briefly describe the benefits and allowances offered by the company such as housing, health, transport, etc. Be specific about dates and time. For instance, mention the employment start date and time, when you want the signed offer letter returned, the length of the probationary period, etc. Name other relevant documents the candidate is supposed to provide or sign before he/she starts working. Conclude on a note of anticipation of a positive response.

Letters to Job Candidates

Letters to job candidates are letters sent to applicants who are being considered for certain job positions. These could be acceptance letters to let the candidates know that they have been accepted, rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates, or job offer letters to officially offer job positions to the candidates. In all situations, a letter to a job candidate should be professional, thoughtful, and kind. Although you may think that it's unnecessary to write to a candidate after an unsuccessful interview, there is nothing more unkind than leaving a candidate waiting and wondering. Letters to job candidates are essential in that they eliminate doubts and confusion after an interview.

The best letters to job candidates are professionally and formally written. Use proper address and salutation for the candidate. Start by congratulating the candidate for his/her time. Proceed directly to conveying the intended message. If the candidate has been accepted and offered the job, state so clearly and provide more information about the position. However, if the candidate has been rejected, communicate this assertively and invite him/her to apply in the future. Make the letter short, clear, and to the point and avoid providing unnecessary details. End on a positive note.

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