1. Write this letter shortly, however, provide ample details about the support that the reader has given; this is for him or her to know that you are grateful for his or her endeavor and that they were helpful.
  2. Tell the reader that you are thankful for the sympathy that he or she showed.
  3. If necessary, discuss how his expression was helpful for you.
  4. End with a statement of your gratitude or expectation for a future relationship.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Once again we were glad that we employed you to organize our annual conference. We know that you always pay attention to the small details, details that ensure that a conference is remembered as a successful one. It is a great comfort to know that we do not have to worry about the unforeseen, as you can deal with anything that occurs. Once again many of the delegates commented on how impressed they were with the conference's organization.

On behalf of the Flicker Corporation, I would extend my thanks for another successful year.


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