Sample Holiday Letters

Find inspiration in our curated catalog of holiday letters. Each sample letter comes with guidelines and advice to help you find the right words.

Holiday Letters

Holiday letters are letters you write to friends, family members, colleagues, or acquaintances wishing them the best during a holiday, vacation, or festive season. They can also be written in a business setting to pass crucial information to staff members about an upcoming holiday. Maybe it is to announce Christmas holiday closing. Perhaps it is to inform employees about a Thanksgiving work schedule. Writing a holiday letter ensures that each employee gets the information and that he/she knows what to do. A holiday letter can also be used by employees to request for holidays from their employers.

Before writing holiday letters, you need to consider your recipients and purpose. Choose your words sensitively, keeping in mind that the recipient may not have the time to celebrate the holiday you mention. Begin with a warm, personal greeting and acknowledge the upcoming holiday. Keep the letter interesting and upbeat. If you are writing to announce the company's closing date or work schedule for an upcoming holiday, for instance, state the dates clearly and give the relevant details. If you are writing to request for a holiday, explain why you need the holiday. Close the letter on a positive note.