Letter accepting an award and invitation to the ceremony


  1. You should accept an award or honor in writing. It shows respect and appreciation. You can also clarify or provide any details of the event through this letter.
  2. Accept the award warmly. Specifically, mention why you are receiving this award.
  3. If there is a proper awards ceremony, inform the reader that you will attend it. Restate the details of the event, such as date, time, and location to confirm everything. Clarify your part in it.
  4. Send any personal materials such as photographs, certificates or personal details if someone has asked for these things.
  5. Appreciate this honor.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

It was a quiet moment for me to learn that you had given me an award for youth leadership. I wanted so much to be able to help the younger people in our local community, and this award tells me that I have perhaps succeeded. I hope that this is truly the case, and although I feel a bit self-conscious about the attention we'll receive Kali, and I will be happy to attend the annual Ball on Saturday, May 20, and I am delighted to respond with a short speech of acceptance. I've enclosed a recent photo of myself as requested. It's hard for me to explain how much your genuine thoughtfulness means to me. Again, thank you for this.


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