Recommendation letter example to buy specific brand headset


  1. Your younger neighbor, relative or family friend might ask you for a job recommendation if he or she is looking for his or her very first work. Often you have little to recommend about them except for their passion and their qualities. The most useful approach is to provide a lot of real and specific information about what you truly know about their work habits and ethics.
  2. Recognize the person that ask your recommendation. Point out that he or she asked for the recommendation.
  3. Tell them about your relationship with the individual.
  4. List down the reasons why you think that the person you are recommending can do well for the job. Give a lot of real and accurate information.
  5. Describe the youth's personal characteristics and aspects of integrity.
  6. End with a final confirmation and tell them that they are welcome to ask for more information and specific queries.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Most people think headphones are all the same but when you use them daily as we do for broadcasting, not all of them are the same.

You asked me for my recommendation on the best headphones for your use. There are many out there that are phenomenal. I prefer the Mose Noise Reduction headphones. I have a pair that I use every single day. They not only have a crisp, clear sound; they also cut out any outside noise. Because my attention span is very short, this is a useful feature for me!

If you are looking to spend less money than the pricey Mose runs for, try out the Swindal 3600 headphones. They are very nice with an excellent sound quality and a super comfortable fit.

I also recommend you make your purchase at Edmond Music. If you tell them you are a member of the Oklahoma Broadcasters Association, they will give you a 15% discount.


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