1. There are a few professions that need people to publish books or articles to move ahead in career. It is a tough job which consumes time and effort. This letter can convey your sincerity by offering to read the publication. If you are not ready to read it, you could, at least express your interest in it.
  2. Congratulate the person on the achievement.
  3. Express the significance of publishing the article or the book.
  4. Appreciate the efforts and energy put into it. Acknowledge the dedication and sacrifices made to do this.
  5. Wish well for future endeavors.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Many congratulations on getting your book of short stories accepted by the publisher. I have always been engrossed with the tales that you have previously told, and I knew that eventually some editor would see sense and get your work known to a wider audience. I am aware that it has taken a lot of hard work to get your book to the stage it is at now, and I am sure that it will prove to be the first of many.


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