Disagreement letter about a road reconstruction


  1. State the problem with clarity and do not blame or threaten in the first letter. If the problem is not getting resolved, follow up with consequent letters. In the further proceedings mention the course of action that you have planned. But make sure you have decided to take further action to resolve the problem.
  2. State the exact reason for disagreement.
  3. Provide necessary proof to support your point of view.
  4. Mention the expected result of your plan of action. Include the course of action that you plan to take up.
  5. End the letter by mentioning the advantages of agreement of a solution. Express your confidence in it.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

I have detoured all over town during the street repairs that have plagued us for the past year and a half now but this notice I just received that the only street accessing my business parking lot is just too much. My patience is gone, and I am writing to complain.

First we endured the reconstruction of 164th Street between Penn and May. That is one of the major arteries in town. The repairs went on for six months or more which seemed excessive.

Then there was 158th between Roscoe and Jones. That renovation lasted eight months. Four other locations followed and oddly, there are still pock marks and potholes in the repaired areas.

I think the city should take a look at this project. Whoever is making the decisions and heading up the construction doesn't seem accomplished.

I pay pretty hefty taxes living here, and I want to see that money designated for road repair is judiciously used Which means the streets are done effectively and efficiently.

Please consider the citizens of this town. The consensus is we are all tired of this haphazard work and inconvenience.

Thank you for listening.


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