Letter sample to cancel seminar scheduled


  1. If you decide to cancel your participation, it would be an inconvenience caused. It may not be a loss of money. But it would be a courtesy to give an explanation for your withdrawal.
  2. Mention that you have decided to withdraw from participating. Explain your reason.
  3. Detail about the further course of action necessary.
  4. Conclude with a hopeful prospect.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

A scheduling conflict has come up, and we regretfully cancel our reservation for this year's seminar. As we have already paid for our advertising in the annual brochure, we hope to be still mailed a copy. At this time, we will make a determination as to whether to buy multiple copies of the booklet. My understanding is that this will be available in the next three months, and I look forward to seeing the quality work you have put together.

Thank you for all your efforts. I am sure the seminar will be as successful this year as it has been in year's past. Good luck and best wishes for your business success.


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