Introduction letter for new clients to Silver Financial


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Dear [Recipients Name],

We at Silver Financial appreciate your interest in the services that our bank has to offer you.

The first thing that we want you to know is that we aim to achieve a personal relationship with all of our clients. In this sense understanding your financial goals are can help us provide you with the right services and programs. We don't just want to be another faceless company to you. We want you to know whom exactly you're dealing with and who's handling your finances. We believe that this will ensure a stronger and more lasting relationship.

I have enclosed an information packet that discusses the questions you have in detail. Should you need any clarifications, please get in touch with me at 333-3333. I will be more than happy to go through your concerns with you.

We hope that after going through the packet we have sent you will be more invested in signing up with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks again.


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