1. This letter announces a price increase, so use a soft tone. Justify this change and appreciate the client's understanding while giving this unwelcome news. Tell the customer that you had to take this step but customer satisfaction is important to you.
  2. Deliver the news of the price increase in a soft tone.
  3. Appreciate the customer's understanding.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

To my valued clients:

I hope that you have found that the last two years of your continuing patronage have been very beneficial for the both of us.

Due to the substantial increase over several years of office, supply, and labor expenses, I have found it necessary to increase my hourly rate. Although I would very much like to retain my current rates, I have found that increasing my rates would allow me to continue and improve my legal services for you. Starting April 1 this year, my rate per hour would increase to $200.

I look forward to your continuing patronage. Calls on concerns regarding this matter shall be most welcomed.


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