Letter to complain about late work on tents for summer camp


  1. Avoid emotional approach in this letter as it would weaken your stand. Use a calm and controlled tone. Explain what the employee has done that has lead to this complaint. But do not insult the employee. Do not generalize your statements as you are focusing on a particular employee.
  2. Mention the employee that you are focusing. Include all the information related to this case.
  3. Provide your suggestions to rectify the error.
  4. Mention that you are willing to take appropriate action against the employee. Express your confidence in the reader about handling the situation in a correct way.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

It was on the recommendation of my brother, Colin Jones, that I gave your firm the business of manufacturing the tents for our summer camp. I am though alarmed that I have heard of no progress on the state of our tents. Our camp starts on July 3.

We paid in advance, based on your reputation and also with the understanding that the tents would be ready by the end of June. I have enclosed a copy of the contract to show the agreement. As I have heard nothing from you before, I am worried about the possibility of your failing to satisfy the contract. As such I would appreciate a quick response to this letter by telephone, and also, a message to confirm the action you are taking to meet our needs. If you cannot satisfy the terms of the contract, I will have no option but to seek some legal redress.


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