Apology letter for poor service on goods being returned


  1. Write this as an apology letter soon after the happening. Apologize if you are willing to take responsibility for the incident. An effective apology may help in gaining back the confidence of your business partners and clients.
  2. Start the letter with an apology referring to the offense.
  3. Show your concern about the reader's??s frustration. Also, be grateful to their patience.
  4. Write about the efforts from your side to rectify the mistake. End on a positive note.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Please take my sorry for the way in which we handled your complaint in the afternoon. Our man has been here only for three weeks and was not aware of our rules for returned goods. We understand that it must have hurt you. The man in question will be additionally trained for the coming three weeks, and we will prepare him to serve the customer better. We wish to help you in the coming days better.


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