Letter to congratulate someone for winning a race


  1. This letter must appreciate the achievements of the reader. It should be able to convey your admiration and respect towards the reader. The reader could probably share your letter with others.
  2. Begin by congratulating the reader for his achievements.
  3. Acknowledge how important an achievement it is according to you.
  4. Appreciate all the efforts, dedication, energy, and sacrifice put in by the reader.
  5. Mention you are confident about the reader's successes in future.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Well done on winning the York marathon, I would congratulate anyone who completes the race, but to wins, it is something else.

I know that there must have been hard times during your training regime, I am sure that the thought of bed early in the morning is a lot more appetizing than an early morning training run. Now though I am sure that it feels all worthwhile.

I am sure that there are many more successes ahead of you, and I am looking forward to reading all about your race wins.


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