Find out all you need to know about business letters. Our writing guidelines and samples will help you craft quality business letters.

Business letters are written from one company to another or from such organizations to their clients, customers, and other external parties. They are usually formal paper communication that follows an established format. The overall style of the letters and the writing approach depend on the relationship the sender maintains with the recipient. In most companies, business letters are used to introduce a business or offer a business deal to another company. They are also used to accept or deny an offer, introduce new schemes for customers, extend business contracts, and cancel a business deal.

Business letters should be written in a professional tone and style. The basic format of any business letter includes the date, information about the sender and the recipient, salutation, the body consisting of a few clear, concise yet detailed paragraphs, a closing, the sender's signature, name, title, and contact information, and a list of enclosures (if necessary). The purpose of the letter must be stated early to avoid miscommunication. The letter must also be polite, even if you are writing with a concern or complaint.