Love letter asking partner for another chance in the relationship


  1. Writing love letters should be delicately prepared and written. These kinds of letters are commonly read many times and kept forever. Also, these letters are often very personal and emotional; you can bring up a problem unless they are used for special events such as Valentine's Day or an Anniversary. According to many young people, under 30, they opt to send an email or buy a car than to write a love letter to their special someone. They like the category of compliment or appreciation more than the love letter ideas. They think that the love letter method is an old-fashioned way to show your love to someone.
  2. Reminisce the same feelings you had when you knew that your loved one was leaving you.
  3. Tell him or her that the time you were not together made you understand your mistake that caused your separation.
  4. Pinpoint some of the changes you plan in yourself to bring about reconciliation.
  5. Promise him or her that you will do everything to her and your relationship.


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

If only I could go back in time, I want to redo many things. When you left ten days ago, it was as if time stopped. Did it happen? Why hadn't I foreseen those things? Even until now, I still find myself staring at the door, deeply longing that you'll once again walk through it. Sometimes, I sit silently, wishing to hear you inside our home, but I could not hear anything. And finally, I understand why you had to go.

The reason, I believe, is my nasty temper. I have always tried my best to control it, but I've failed many times. I know that in most of my rants, you were hurt the most. It made me aware that I cannot tame my temper alone. When you left me, I realized that I have to make a difficult decision - I have to find professional help. Starting next Monday, I will begin with my counseling sessions with an excellent counselor. I know that my denial of the situation I am in caused me to lost the most important thing in my life -- my relationship with you. I promise you that I will keep on with the counseling until I have learned to master my emotions. I will do everything to change myself and to preserve our marriage.

I am thankful that you were always patient with me. I remember the times you stood by me even if I have hurt you. You have given me thousands of second chances, and now I need you to give me another opportunity to make things right between us. In the present situation, I need you so much more than ever. You've always been the strong one between the two of us, and now, I am hoping that you'll continue being the strong one a little longer just until I can be emotionally strong enough to work together with you in our relationship. I believe that I can change things for the better if and only if you are there for me. It will be a tough road to travel on, but I've committed myself to this path even if takes forever.

I love you even though I am not excellent at expressing it at times. I miss you deeply. I hope you see that the behavior I've shown you does not define the deep love I have for you. You're the only woman in my heart. Please give me the opportunity to prove this to you.

Can you please see me again? We spent precious moments at Bob's Restaurant. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I am hoping that you would agree to have dinner with me, and so, I already made reservations for us this coming Saturday evening at 7:30. I hope you will give me this chance to express my heartfelt apology to you, and to talk about my counseling schedule.

I miss you a lot.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional -
cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -

Love letter asking partner for another chance in the relationship.

Further things to consider when writing love letters to someone you love

Further things to consider when writing love letters to someone you love

Love Letters

Love letters are letters you write to the person you love to express your affection. Whether delivered by mail, hand, or romantically left in a special location, a love letter is one of the most romantic ways to express your true feelings to the person you cherish. This letter can be anything from a lengthy explanation of feelings to a short, simple message. Love letters (especially the handwritten ones) make a special, rare treat that people can hold on to and cherish. These are keepsakes that your partner can come back to whenever he/she wants to feel a bonus burst of love.

Well drafted love letters can not only make your significant other cry tears of joy but also deepen your connection with him/her. Start by stating the purpose of the letter. It can be something like, "I was thinking about how I don't tell you enough how much I love you." Clearly express your undying love for the recipient. Refer to a shared romantic memory and mention the things you love about the recipient. Mention how your life has changed since you both met. End with a statement that sums up and reaffirms your love and commitment.

Letters to Someone You Love

Letters to someone you love are, simply, the letters you send to a person you cherish and care about. The recipient of such letters could be your parents, your brother or sister, your child, your spouse, or any other person you truly care about. Although the words can still come out of your mouth, writing a letter to someone you love gives you an opportunity to choose the right words to express your appreciation and admiration for your dearest. It doesn't matter if the letter sounds funny or funky as long as your words come from the heart.

When writing letters to someone you love, you first need to evaluate your relationship with this person so that you can determine which direction your letter is going to take. Begin the letter with an intriguing phrase that will immediately catch the recipient's attention. Tell the recipient exactly why you are taking the time to write. Discuss happy memories the two of you have shared, especially those you think the person might have forgotten over time. Mention your beloved's strong and best qualities and how he/she has changed your life. End with a statement that reaffirms your love for this person.

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