Sample Get-Well Letters

Find inspiration in our curated catalog of get-well letters. Each sample letter comes with guidelines and advice to help you find the right words.

Get-Well Letters

Get-well letters are letters sent to wish people a quick recovery when they are suffering from illness or when they are injured. The simple gesture of reaching out to a person with a letter goes a long way towards lifting that person's spirits. Whether it is a serious illness or just a minor injury, you definitely can't say something insensitive. You want to encourage and put a smile on the person's face. Get-well letters provide some comfort and let people know that you are thinking about them.

Before writing get-well letters, you need to consider the relationship you have with the person. For close relatives and friends, it is fine to make the letter as personal as you like. However, for people you are not close to, avoid being too personal or wordy. Regardless, all get-well letters should express your concern for the person's illness. Keep the letter short, sincere, and to the point. Empathize with the person so that he/she knows that you understand what he/she is going through. Make the person feel the concern you have for him/her. Stay positive and avoid dwelling on the negatives. Close the letter by wishing the person speedy recovery.

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