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Requesting for Reference letter. Sample letter
Sample persuasion letter to have a party in a new venue
Thank you letter for a job referral. Sample letter
Sample letter to transmit manuals for a company's orientation
Sample letter to transmit materials requested
Sample letter to transmit requested materials
Thanking a business associate for referral letter
Persuasion letter for public's support on taxi fare issue
Sample letter to decline a suggestion to put pedestrians
Sample letter to welcome a new client to a company
Example of a get-well letter to hospitalized co-worker
Example of letter informing of scheduled surgery of employee
Get-well letter to co-worker who broke their wrist
Letter informing employees of their co-workers car accident
Persuasion letter to sales force by providing commission
Response letter for acquiring an idea from an employee
Sample get-well letter for an ill co-worker
Sample get-well letter to colleague recovering from surgery
Sample letter announcing a doctor's retirement
Sample letter to thank a retiring colleague for his service
Thank you letter to a retiring colleague for his service
Example of a holiday greeting letter to customers
Invitation letter for customers to a holiday dinner
Invitation letter to customers to suggest sketch for mascot
Invite customer suggestion for anniversary celebration letter
Invite customer suggestions to improve service letter sample
Letter to decline a customer's suggestion to improve a magazine
Sample letter to customers extending holiday greetings
Sample of New Year greeting letter to cafe customers
Doctor to doctor referral letter for a patient with special needs
Medical referral letter for a patient who needs specialized care
Physician to physician referral letter for a client moving out of state
Reference letter for a nurse. Sample letter
Referral letter for a client who needs a specialized service
Referring a patient to a specialist. Sample letter
Referring a patient to another doctor. Sample letter
Sample letter announcing arrival of new company nurse
Thank you letter for referral to another doctor
Thanking a doctor for referring one to another specialist
Announce bad news to employees. Sample letter
Apologize to an employee or employees. Sample letter
Apology letter example to employees for a job poorly handled
Apology letter for not crediting employee in a presentation
Apology letter to employees for rude comments in a meeting
Apology to employee for not including time off letter sample
Appreciate effort of an employee at a product-launch letter
Appreciate employee for a successful project letter example
Compliment an employee's productivity letter example
Congratulate an employee on his anniversary. Sample letter
Congratulation letter to an employee on her job anniversary