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Twenty Most Common Mistakes of Home Buyers and Sellers

Have you been tossing and turning in bed at night, fretting about that piece of real estate you want to sell but can't seem to be able to market correctly? You have tried everything from hiring agencies to real estate brokers in an attempt to sell the perfectly good piece of property, but it just doesn't work.

Have you been stressing about how to buy that piece of real estate you so desperately want but can't seem to afford? You have made several attempts to bring down the price to a more acceptable level to you, but the real estate agent just won't budge and inch?

Whether you are looking to sell or to buy a piece of property, there are always several problems you can encounter. All of these common issues and mistakes are discussed in my book entitled "Twenty Most Common Mistakes of Home Buyers and Sellers."

My book aims to help both buyers and sellers alike avoid mistakes that can cost them dearly in the case of real estate transactions. Some of the top questions discussed in my book are:

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What's more, you can even learn a lot of tips and tricks you can follow in ensuring a successful transaction whether you are a buyer or a seller. After you read this book, you are guaranteed to feel like a pro!

So why are you waiting? Order this book today and start working out those real estate dilemmas you have! If you are dissatisfied with my book, you can even return it, and I will give you a refund. Enclosed are my contact details and how to order. I hope to hear from you soon!


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