1. This letter announces a price increase, so use a soft tone. Justify this change and appreciate the client's understanding while giving this unwelcome news. Tell the customer that you had to take this step but customer satisfaction is important to you.
  2. Deliver the news of the price increase in a soft tone.
  3. Appreciate the customer's understanding.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

To my most valued clients,

I am very sorry for my inability to be available to you during the past week. Some personal issues have prevented me from doing so, and I fervently apologize for any inconvenience my absence has caused you.

I am announcing that effective immediately; I may be reached only by appointment since I currently have issues to resolve which may affect my work. Hopefully, all of this will blow over soon, so I may resume my regular office hours again. Meanwhile, I shall be hiring my nephew, Stephen Adams to temporarily take my place in the office. He has considerable experience working with one of the top-ranking corporate offices in the city, and I have full confidence in his abilities to help you in all your needs.

My warmest thanks for all your continued support and patronage.


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