1. If you are informing the reader about an issue, keep his/her attitude or behavior in mind. Guess what objections he/she will raise. Then give convincing explanations. Express the gravity of the situation and state why it is important to agree with you.
  2. Explain the problem and mention your stance. You can also tell the reader what action you expect from him/her.
  3. Explain the reason for your position. Explain why is it important for the reader to agree with you. If you haven't mentioned it yet, tell the reader what course of action you expect him/her to take.
  4. Give a final call to action.


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[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

Today, our city is currently experiencing the extensive damage brought about by the various factories set up near us. Many of these factories produce vast amounts of smoke, gasses, and chemical waste products per day that all affect the health of all our city's residents.

There have been reports of a higher incidence of sicknesses related to factory pollution, and because of this, now, more than ever, we have to practice our rights and make steps in ensuring the safety of the city's residents.

Appeal to abusive capitalist companies and show them that what they are doing is wrong. Join our organization's organized rally on (date and time) and help make a step towards a greener, healthier, and cleaner future for your children.


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