1. Most organizations give rewards and recognitions in endorsement letters. They contain specific details and instances of the awardee's achievements and qualifications.
  2. Mention the award for which the candidate is nominated in the endorsement.
  3. Mention the kind of relationship you share with the candidate and since how long you know him/her.
  4. State the reason for which the award is given. Mention the qualities and achievements of the candidate due to which he/she is nominated.
  5. Rehash your endorsement and close the letter with an offer to answer any queries.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

My nomination for Librarian of the Year is Elizabeth Flatts. I have had the privilege and honor to work with Ms. Flatts for five years, and I can tell you, there is no one more dependable, loyal and hard-working that she.

She gives even the most menial tasks her full attention and care. Last year, she headed up both the annual fundraiser and the Metro Library Book Drive. She raised more money and drew in more donated books at those events than anyone has in the past two years combined.

Her demeanor is delightful. She is excellent with the library patrons. Once, our children's librarian was out sick, and Ms. Flatts volunteered to take over the children's story hour. She had children following her all over the library after that! They adored her!

In my humble opinion, Elizabeth Flatts is exactly the type of librarian you should award.


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