Sample letter announcing the city's new chief of police


  1. If you are announcing the name of your new partner, keep it short and to the point. It is a courtesy announcement. It will also promote your business.
  2. State the name of your new partner. Mention the position he/she will occupy. Briefly include the details such as job history, qualifications, academic and professional honors, etc. Send this announcement to your partner for reviewing it before you finally send it for the announcement.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Bakersfield City is honored to announce that our new Chief of Police is Mark Allan, effective from June 1. Chief Allan recently received a medal for his services for stopping a terrorist attack on the Town Hall. Chief Allan has been in the force for around 15 years. He will be taking the place of Amos Curtis, who will be retiring this May after a prominent career in the police force. Bakersfield is lucky to have such outstanding leaders.


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