Persuasion letter for public's support on taxi fare issue


  1. If you wish to get the reader's attention through a persuasive memo, you must keep his/her feelings in mind. Think how the reader will react to what you say and how can you convince him/her. You should carefully decide that how much emotional appeal will be suitable and to what extent you should use logical arguments.
  2. Highlight the issue in the beginning.
  3. State what action you expect from the reader.
  4. Give reasons about why the reader should follow your suggestion. State what the reader will gain from cooperating with you.
  5. Give a call to action and provide more information.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

The officers of the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board and the representatives from the City Drivers' Association will come to an end soon. Unfortunately, the series of meetings has not yet yielded positive results. The debate about the fixed add-on for the taxi fare is still left hanging.

With every intention of resolving the issue as soon as possible, Jules Smith, a representative from the drivers' Association, has pushed for an emergency meeting this coming Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

The rest of the member states have already expressed their awareness of the fact that we, the drivers, as well as the transportation operators, rely on agreeable terms to uphold the stability of our business. We are also hoping that the public could be involved in the resolution of this issue by placing your support on what we are lobbying.


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