1. This kind of letters is written to congratulate the politicians on their victory. It also reminds them of their debts towards their constituencies in a subtle tone.
  2. Congratulate the politician. Mention your (or your organization's) name and the event conducted.
  3. End with a note of good luck for their future endeavors.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Jack Plow is my recommendation for Senator. He had a background in law and earned his degree right here in our state. He has a history of being not only a good guy but a civil litigator. He not only goes after what he wants but takes what he needs.

I believe with a strong presence like Jack, the existing weaknesses we currently find in the House and Senate will cease to exist. Jack is a leader and people just naturally follow his ideas and beliefs.

If you want to see a Senator take office who will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong for the things he believes are not in our best interests, Jack Plow is your man.


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