Broker's letter to persuade sale of a house to a right buyer


  1. If there is an issue, state your stance right in the beginning. Support your point of view with compelling evidence. Give reasons about why the reader should consider your opinion and accept it. Combine logic with the emotional appeal because this combination works well. The reader won't take you seriously if you use any inflammatory expressions or overstate your position. Ask for a response, if you need one.
  2. Provide the details of the problem and mention your stance.
  3. Support your position with convincing evidence.
  4. Discuss what action the reader should take. You can also persuade the reader to take action through an emotional appeal.
  5. Give a final appeal to consider your suggestion to rectify the situation. You can also mention the benefits of following your approach.


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Dear [Recipients Name],

Being your broker, I strongly advise you to sell your house to Mr. Addams. Although he has made a bit lower bid on your property, you can rest assured that he will pay you for your house immediately. Your higher bidder has a bit of a shady background, and a bit of research has led me to learn about various cases of a scam in buying houses going on lately. I am only looking out for your security as a seller, and I hope you will contact me soon regarding this issue.


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